Republic Portland Plus

Republic Portland Plus®

For structures that last generations.

Republic Portland Plus®

REPUBLIC PORTLAND PLUS® is the only cement in the Philippines with TIBAY ENHANCERS®. This special mix of ingredients is made of smaller particles that fill in concrete voids – making concrete more compact. This minimizes possible water and chemical penetration that may cause rusting and expansion of steel bars that may result to cracking and other concrete deterioration.

Tibay Test

A Tibay Test was conducted based on ASTM standards to assess the durability of the three leading cement brands in the country. Three mortar bars, each made from a different cement brand, were placed in an NaOH solution at 25° Celsius. This is equivalent to 25 years of concrete exposure to different elements. Because the REPUBLIC® mortar bar was more compact, it was not easily penetrated by water and chemicals. Thus, results show that the REPUBLIC® mortar bar has the least chemical reaction.


• Denser concrete with reduced permeability
• Better concrete cohesion
• Lower water requirement
• Improved workability

• Improved durability (e.g. greater steel bar protection from corrosion)
• Reduced segregation, minimized rock holes (ampaw)
• Higher compressive strength, minimized shrinkage and cracking
• Ease of application and compaction

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Republic Tibay Mo, Inspirasyon Ko
Republic searched for its first Tibay Hero through the Republic Tibay Mo, Inspirasyon Ko! The program launched in September 2014 salutes the Tibay Hero in every Filipino and their courage to persevere against all odds for their loved ones and causes they believe in.
Out of 1,671 entries, Delia Balonzo’s story was chosen. Balonzo is a mother to 13 children, and a grandmother to several grandchildren. In spite of that, she took on the responsibility of taking care of nine more children. Undaunted by her humble means, she often takes several jobs to make ends meet. She helps women give birth, occasionally serves as a manghihilot and a laundry woman; she also ran a sari-sari store and a small canteen—all of these so she could provide the needs of her big family including sending all her children to school.

Balonzo was forced to rent a cramped, single-room apartment when fire razed her old house a few years ago. This year, she, along with her husband, children, and several grandchildren will be moving into their new two-storey house made with REPUBLIC® Cement and designed by a leading architecture firm Palafox Associates.
Robert Nelson, who nominated Balonzo, said that she is more than just a mother; she is a hero who is raising future heroes, changing their fate and inspiring them to make a change in others’ lives. “She’s our superhero. She taught us that as long as there is life, there is always a way to take care of your loved ones.” Balonzo’s sixth son, Abel, says lovingly of her. Adolfo, the youngest, tearfully describes her as “irreplaceable.”

RCBM President Renato Sunico said the tibay that Balonzo personifies and the tibay that every bag of REPUBLIC® Cement gives will be passed on from generation to generation. “This tibay is our legacy, Balonzo’s legacy to her children and everyone who has heard her story, and our legacy to every Filipino family who builds with REPUBLIC® Cement.”
Balonzo’s tibay mula sa loob has inspired her children to succeed in life; one of them is now working in Austria and raising her own family. Her fortitude and perseverance in the face of extraordinary challenges, as well as her sacrifices for her loved ones contributed to her win.

The entries were screened by an esteemed panel of judges that included LRI President Renato Sunico, GMA Network Senior Vice President for Radio Mike Enriquez, Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) Corporate Affairs Manager Jay Jaboneta, Real Living Editor-in-Chief Rachel Medina, Leo Burnett Philippines’ Manila Executive Creative Director Kat Limchoc, Habitat for Humanity Chief Executive Officer Charlie Ayco, and Palafox Architecture Managing Partner and Senior Urban Planner Karima Palafox.

REPUBLIC® is the only cement in the country with TIBAY ENHANCERS. This special mix of ingredients is made of small particles that fill in concrete voids – making concrete more compact. This minimizes possible water and chemical ingress that may cause the rusting and expansion of steel bars, cracking, and concrete deterioration. REPUBLIC® is best for foundations, columns, beams and slabs.



General construction:
  •   Houses
  •   Buildings
  •   Roads
  •   Bridges
Ideal for general concrete applications:
  •   Foundations
  •   Columns
  •   Walls
  •   Slabs
  •   Beams



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