Republic Type I

For high strength and optimized mixed design.

Republic Type I®

REPUBLIC® TYPE I is a high quality Portland cement ideal for various high performance concrete applications requiring high-early strength, strong mechanical properties and optimum durability performance. Its consistent quality and compatibility with most ad mixtures and mineral additives make it the most preferred bulk cement by Filipino construction experts and ready-mix players.

REPUBLIC® TYPE I is compatible to most admixtures (superplasticizers, accelerators, retarders and high flow) as seen in both internal and customer trials. It also performs better than other cement brands in the market compability tests.


• High early strength and high performance
• Strong mechanical properties
• Optimum Durability Performance
• Consistent quality and compatibility with most admixtures and mineral additives

• Greater productivity and achieves high strength (at reduced cement content) even at early stage of the concrete structure
• Reliable material in sustaining design loads and environmental exposures
• Sustainable partner in maintaining durability in concrete structures throughout its intended service life
• Allows creation of efficient concrete properties meeting the requirements of high performance mix design specifications


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  •   High rise structures
  •   Roads, bridges, railways
  •   Precast manufacturing
  •   Pre-stressing and post-tensioning of slabs and beams


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