Republic Type II

Republic Type II®

For concrete applications requiring moderate sulfate-resistance (MS) and moderate heat (MH) hydration.

Republic Type II®

REPUBLIC® TYPE II Cement is a premium sulfate-resistant Portland Cement that exceeds the strength and conforms to the chemical and physical requirements of ASTM C150 for Type II Cement.

Why Use Moderate Sulfate Resistant Cement
Sulfate attack is a common form of concrete deterioration that occurs when concrete comes into contact with soluble sulfates, present in seawater, groundwater, sewage and some oils. The reaction of tri-calcium aluminates (C3A) in the cement with these soluble sulfates forms secondary ettringite, an expansive gel within the concrete structure that causes internal tensile stress and eventually structural cracking.

Since REPUBLIC® TYPE II has lower C3A content than OPC, the concrete will be significantly less vulnerable to sulfate attacks.

Why Use Moderate Heat Cement
In mass concrete pouring (concrete structures 4 feet or 1.20 meters thick), controlling hydration temperature is critical. Excessively high hydration temperatures cause the concrete’s surface and interior to expand unevenly which could result in external and internal cracking, and an overall reduction in strength and long-term durability.

Using REPUBLIC® TYPE II, a moderate heat of hydration cement, results in a more gradual hydration process, a more even concrete temperature and ultimately, a more durable structure.


• Moderate sulfate resistance
• Moderate heat of hydration
• Exceeds compressive strength requirements of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) at 28 days as per ASTM C150

• Reduces vulnerability to aggressive chemical environments, lengthening service life
• Minimizes probability of thermal cracking, improves ultimate strength
• More durable structures


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  •   Piers, ports and other coastal structures
  •   Dams, embankments and sea walls 
  •   Water sewage treatment plants 
  •   Mass concrete pourings (mat foundations) for high rise buildings



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