Batangas International Airport

Port of Batangas is one of the Philippines’ national ports and a key port in the CALABARZON region. A strategic point of entry in Luzon, it had enhanced the industrial growth and potential of the province. This port was built to last generations with Fortune Cement from Republic.

Today, after 53 years of operation, the Port of Batangas continues to be a gateway for Filipinos in South Luzon as the esteemed International Port of Batangas.


Subic Bay Port

Considered to be one of the busiest, largest, and historically important ports in the Philippines, Subic Bay Port was built to serve as a strategic base of harbors and is located in Zambales.


Pagbilao Power Plant

Pagbilao Power Station is a 735-MW coal-fired thermal power plant at Isla Grande in Pagbilao Quezon.

San Roque Dam

San Roque Dam, operated under San Roque Multipurpose Project (SRMP), is a 200 meters tall, 1.2 kilometer long embankment dam on the Agno River – the third largest river in the Philippines, and provides year-round irrigation benefits for 708 kilometers of farmland downstream of the dam. It improves the quality of the water in the Lower Agno River via a protective integrated watershed management plan (IWMP) and by trapping sediments caused by erosion and by such other sources as small-scale mining.