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Reaching Out to the Underprivileged Children in our Communities

Republic Cement’s vision of building a stronger nation goes beyond providing the materials for the construction of infrastructures and houses. Above all, the country’s success lies in its people, most especially the youth.

Volunteers from the Norzagaray plant participated in a feeding activity with the street children from Barangay Bigte and Minuyan Proper. As a follow-up activity to the feeding program, about 45 street children were invited to tour the plant with our young engineers, union leaders and presidents, and Community Relations and HR team. The children learned the basics of cement manufacturing and even saw for themselves what Republic Cement has been doing through an interactive tour. To cap the year, we have invited the children for the year-end celebration in the plant. They were provided with nutritious meals, as well as new shirts and hygiene kits during the event. The initiatives complemented the activities that the International Trade Council implemented in the community.


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