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Republic Cement Batangas Celebrates Environment Month 2023

Volunteers joined together for a Fun Run and Pulot Basura activity

Last June 21. Republic Cement Batangas Plant held a Fun Run and Pulot B a s r a activity in celebration of Environment Month. Residents from neighboring communities Sico, Bilogo, and Mapulo participated along with Republic Cement employees and contractors.

The plastic waste collected will be used for co-processing

In line with the theme #BeatPlasticPollution, plastic waste was collected by the volunteers as they ran around the area. A total of 165.75kg of plastic waste was collected and will be used for co-processing. Co-processing is an effective waste management solution that ensures the waste won't leak back into the environment.

The fun run was a good way to raise environmental awareness and responsibility in the community

Afterwards, an Open Day was also conducted, in which Republic Cement welcomed and toured the participants from the community around Batangas plant.

Republic Cement understands the importance of green initiatives for a sustainable future, and we will continue with our earnest efforts towards building a zero-waste, Stronger Republic.


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