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Republic Cement Sites Serve as Pit Stop in the Avian Flyway

Arctic birds from as far as Siberia, Mongolia and other parts of the world migrate southwards to warmer climates and fly back northwards when the climate becomes less harsh. This is a natural phenomenon of traveling long distances maintaining ecological balance across different regions within the migration path. Migrating birds control the pests that would otherwise plague crops. More importantly, they are pollinators which move seeds and nutrients for trees around the world.

The Philippines is well within the East Asia-Austrolasian Bird Migration Flyway.  Situated across the archipelago along the migration flyway from Luzon to Mindanao, Republic Cement sites host several migratory birds which some are endangered species.  Our water lagoons and quarries provide a haven and respite for these long-distance travelers.

These birds rest and eat before they flap their wings again and hit the high road. The annual avian migration proves that our sites are abundant with food and conducive to stay.  In recent Biodiversity Surveys conducted in partnership with prestigious universities such as University of the Philippines – Los Banos and the University of San Carlos, it is cited that our sites are “thriving biodiversity despite cement operations.”

By way of spreading seeds to propagate natural forests, our annual avian visitors contribute to and is a proof of Republic Cement’s efforts to build a greener and stronger ecological balance.


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