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Our Commitment

We believe that the most basic of all values is people helping others and, in the process, helping themselves. This is also the overarching principle that guides Republic Cement in the way we do business.

Our first value is respect, and this is how we want to interact with our communities: by uplifting the lives of people not only in economic growth but also in health, education, and socio-cultural aspects.

For over 60 years, Republic Cement has been a partner in the Philippines’ transformation and a contributor to nation-building. Our cement is used in many infrastructure projects across the country. As a cement company, we embrace our role and our identity as “nation-builder”.

We also embrace our responsibility to be as ‘green’ as we can be in our manufacturing process — reducing carbon dioxide emissions, improving energy efficiency, increasing the recycled components of our products, and preserving our forests for the wellbeing of future generations.

Our investment in the future surpasses business. With the strength and quality of Republic Cement, coupled with good corporate citizenship, it is our desire to build stronger structures, stronger communities, and stronger cities. Ultimately, our goal is to build a stronger Republic.

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Stronger Communities

We desire for our communities to grow as we grow.

With this, we have initiatives through Corporate Social  Responsibility (CSR), as well as the Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) to help improve the harmony and general welfare of our communities.


Our programs included seniors’ day, scholarships, livelihood programs, medical missions, sports clinics, Information Education, Communication (IEC) caravans, plant open days and fiesta celebrations among others.

Stronger Communities
Greener Environment
Greener Environment

We want to restore and preserve our environment for the enjoyment of future generations by manufacturing greener cement.

We reduce our environmental footprint through reduced carbon dioxide emissions, energy efficient facilities, carbon sequestration through reforestation efforts, and increase in the recycled components of our products. We also initiate water sustainability and biodiversity studies as well as environmental education campaigns.

We have planted 200,000 trees in 2017 and are committed to plant another 200,000 trees in 2018, to reach our goal of 1 million trees by 2020.

Stronger Structures
Stronger Structures

We envision a Philippines with strong, durable structures and infrastructure that will serve Filipinos for generations to come.

Leveraging on the strength and quality of Republic Cement, we help communities through our contribution in the form of products and technical services to build structures with social impact.

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