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Republic Cement Supports Cagayan De Oro LGU Relocation Program

In line with its mission to build stronger communities, Republic Cement donated cement to the local government of Cagayan De Oro (CDO) in support of the city's Informal Settlers Program.

With the expanding population and urban migration, more Informal Settler Families (ISF) are in need of decent shelter. Most of these families live in hazardous places or in areas affected by government infrastructure projects and face the need for safe and sustainable relocation.

The CDO local government has partnered with Republic Cement to provide housing assistance to the city's identified informal settlers who have little to no resources to build homes at the relocation site provided by the city. 11 families received support by way of bags of cement to aid in the construction of their homes.

"We are overflowing with gratitude for the generous contribution we received from Republic Cement. Soon, these indigent families will have a safe and permanent place they can finally call home," shared Barangay Kagawad Zernan Amores.

"Republic Cement is proud to do its part in providing support to communities in need especially during these challenging times," said Republic Cement CEO Nabil Francis. "Through this initiative, we remain true to our commitment as a partner in nation-building for a safer and stronger Republic."


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