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Republic Cement Contractor Wins in the 2022 CRH Safety Awards

RSB Trucking Services receiving the 2022 CRH Safety Awards for Contractor Category

The 2022 CRH Safety Awards for the Contractor Category was given to RSB Trucking Services in a ceremony held in their facility in Sta. Lucia, Bulacan, last April 19. Reynaldo Bautista and Angat Mayor the Honorable Jowar Bautista, the two brothers who founded RSB Trucking, received the award along with management officers Sheela Bautista-Gemora and Nenita Bautista.

RSB Trucking Services had the most engaging Safety Campaign 2022 cascade

RSB Trucking Services, also known as Giga-RSB Trucking, has been a partner contractor of Republic Cement for 15 years, both inbound and outbound. The company has produced two Vest of the Best awardees and has become the first contractor given the Star Hauler award in its inauguration in 2022.

RSB Trucking also had the most engaging Safety Campaign 2022 cascade, and had achieved a transport safety audit score of 89%, proving why it has held Republic Cement’s trust for more than a decade.

With this impeccable record and their thorough understanding of the importance of transport safety in our operations, RSB Trucking was nominated and subsequently awarded after passing the meticulous safety standards of CRH.

Safety has always been a top priority in Republic Cement. By working with partners such as RSB Trucking, we show our continued commitment to creating and sustaining our safety culture as we build a safer, stronger Republic.

Due to their understanding of and dedication to transport safety, RSB Trucking continues to be a trusted partner of Republic Cement


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