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Republic Cement recognizes H2 2022 Star Hauler and Q4 2022 Vest of the Best Winners

Star Hauler and Vest of the Best Awards joint ceremony held in the Peaksun/Koinonia facility in Taytay, Rizal

Last April 12, Republic Cement held a back-to-back awarding ceremony for H2 2022 Star Hauler and Q4 2022 Vest of the Best. Star Hauler recognizes our hauler partners for their exemplary commitment to transport safety, while Vest of the Best acknowledges the stellar performance of hauler truck drivers, who are the frontliners in delivering cement to our customers.

After looking into its safety assessment and safety management programs, the Peaksun/Koinonia hauling company was chosen as the H2 2022 Star Hauler awardee. Coming out on top with an overall transport safety compliance score of 89%, Peaksun/Koinonia initiated security hotspot mapping and proved to be proactive in supporting Republic Cement when it comes to conducting route and delivery risk assessment.

With a transport safety compliance score of 89%, Peaksun/Koinonia won the Star Hauler Award for H2 2022

Paquito Martinez of Peaksun/Koinonia was also awarded with the Vest of the Best for his consistently good accident record in his years of service as well as terrific safety behavior.

Paquito Martinez showed transport safety excellence as a hauler truck driver, winning the Vest of the Best Award

Republic Cement CEO Roman Menz and the Safety Council attended the awarding ceremony, which was held in the Peaksun/Koinonia Facility in Taytay, Rizal.

Transport safety is an integral component of cultivating the overall safety culture of Republic Cement

Safety is a two-way street that Republic Cement continues to prioritize so that everyone can safely return to their homes and loved ones. Through programs like Star Hauler and Vest of the Best, we reinforce our standard for safety performance not only from our employees but also our partners, sustaining a safety culture as we build a safer, stronger Republic.


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