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Bulacan Empowers Local Workers with Certification Training

The Republic Cement Bulacan Plant, through its Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) and in partnership with Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), provided Scaffolding NC II certification training for 50 local workers from Barangay Minuyan and other neighboring barangays. This certification allows these workers to have a higher chance of getting employed by Republic and are given more opportunities for employment within and outside of their immediate community.

The 50 workers successfully completed their training and passed the national assessment conducted on the premises of the Bulacan Plant. Engr. Ramona Pascual of Sitio Roga, Minuyan, Bulacan, who is a certified TESDA assessor, conducted the training and the assessment. According to her, TESDA acknowledges that the Bulacan Plant has an established SDMP framework and shares its goal of driving competency development for the members of the community. These are some of the reasons why TESDA partnered with the Bulacan Plant in providing the training.

In the pipeline for training programs to be implemented include Heavy Equipment (forklift) Operations and SMAW among others.


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