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Doing Better Every Day: Republic Cement Partners with Uratex for Plastic Waste Stewardship

Republic Cement and Uratex representatives formalized their partnership to reduce plastic wastes for a greener, more sustainable future.

Republic Cement continues in its mission to help solve the country's plastic waste crisis by partnering with leading foam and mattress manufacturer Uratex. The two corporations, aligned in support of the Extended Producer Responsibility Act of 2022 (EPR Law), signed a Memorandum of Agreement last October 5, 2023.

Republic Cement CEO Roman Menz, President Lloyd Vicente, and ecoloop Director Atty. Angela Edralin formalized the partnership with Uratex Executive VP Eddie Gallor, Vice President for Furniture and Bedding William Lee, and Managing Director Peachy Medina. Under the agreement, Uratex will be disposing of their qualified residual plastic waste through ecoloop.

"We invested in our first solar power plant in 2016," said Uratex Managing Director Medina when asked about the company's sustainability journey. "From then on, the company, our people, our drivers of innovation, embraced the idea that we want to contribute more than our social purpose of providing comfort."

She continued, "When EPR came into being, we were very happy because we know that we are doing a lot in our efforts, but we know they are too little and too late. With EPR, it sort of feels like being part of a bigger community. Your small contribution is like a small rock, and along with the contributions of others, it becomes a monument later on."

Under the EPR Law, companies are mandated to take more responsibility for the disposal and recycling of their products throughout their life cycle. This includes pre- and post-consumer waste management.

"We are very happy to find a company like Republic Cement because we don't have the resources to be able to comply with the EPR Law," Medina added. "We are very happy that we are kindred spirits in trying to do better, to have a lesser impact on the environment while serving our social purpose."

"Our drive to sustainability is in full momentum," said CEO Menz. Indeed, Republic Cement has been continuously collaborating with various organizations and LGUs for proper waste management, offering tangible solutions to their plastic waste problem and helping in their efforts in sustaining eco-friendly communities.

With both companies looking forward to the progress this new partnership will bring, Republic Cement anticipates even greater strides in its goal of building a greener, Stronger Republic.


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