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Century Pacific Group companies sign agreement in push to be “plastic-neutral”

Two companies under the Century Pacific Group (CPG) recently signed an agreement in push to be “plastic-neutral” by 2020.

The companies, Century Pacific Food (CNPF) and Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures (PIZZA), alongside Republic Cement, have agreed to co-process recovered post-consumer waste converting these to energy as alternative fuel in producing cement.

CNPF, one of the Philippines’ leading food companies, is the company behind household names Century Tuna, Argentina, 555, and Birch Tree.

PIZZA is owner of the iconic Shakey’s brand, a leader in both the pizza and full-service restaurant categories.

Both companies are among the Philippines’ top consumer companies and are working to minimize their environmental footprint. CNPF in particular has been in the forefront of marine sustainability, being the first among Philippine tuna companies to join a global coalition to ensure conservation of seafood resources.

“This new partnership paves the way for our companies to conduct our businesses in a more sustainable way,” said CPG President Christopher Po.

“Over the years, our companies have implemented various programs to help promote a greener Philippines. These include various recycling initiatives and attempts to reduce packaging waste. As we grow in number of products sold and restaurant outlets opened, we’ve also sought partners to help balance out our environmental effects. This now includes Republic Cement, and we look forward to working with them in this worthwhile endeavour,” he added.

“We are happy to share this advocacy with the Century Pacific Group & Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc. to promote and support responsible disposal of plastic packaging materials to reduce its harmful effects on the environment,” said Republic Cement Services, Inc. President Nabil Francis.

The method of co-processing uses very high heat to completely destroy waste materials, recovering from them thermal and mineral properties which provide the energy needed to produce cement.

100% waste usage and the specific 1450°C temperature profile prevents the formation of any residue.

These waste materials may include used plastics, rice husk, sawdust, tires, adhesives and expired pharmaceutical products.

Republic Cement will co-process co-process recovered post-consumer waste from CNPF and PIZZA. This will allow both companies to be “plastic-neutral” – offsetting the amount of plastic produced with an equivalent amount of post-consumer plastics to be used for co-processing by Republic Cement.

The agreement between the Companies was signed last May 31, 2019 by Po, Francis, Shakey’s President Vicente Gregorio, Republic Cement President Renato Sunico, and Republic Cement Vice-President Martin Wills.

Global concern over plastic pollution has been spurred in recent years, including the Philippines. Around 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced every year, according to the Worldwide Fund for Nature, with much of it ending up in landfills or polluting the seas, in what has become a growing international crisis.

Republic Cement is licensed by DENR to use and dispose of qualified waste streams through cement kiln co-processing.

Co-processing, as a way to reduce plastic and as an alternative waste management solution, has been internationally recognized as safe and environmentally friendly.

“With more Filipino companies embracing the plastic-neutrality concept, we are confident that we are making strides for a greener, stronger Republic. Ultimately, this is about preserving the environment for Filipinos for generations to come,” Francis adds.

Po said, “Our brands represent quality, value-for-money products. We hope that they will eventually stand for responsible consumption as well.”

Republic Cement has signed an agreement to co-process post-consumer materials and manufacturing waste from the Century Pacific Group and Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures Inc. in its cement kilns, in a push to clean up the environment. Signing the deal are (from left) Vicente Gregorio, chief executive of SPAVI; Christopher Po, executive chairman of the Century Pacific Group; Nabil Francis, CEO of Republic Cement; Renato Sunico, president of Republic Cement; and, Republic Cement vice-president Martin Wills.


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