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Contractors Unite for Safety with the Republic Contractors Safety Guild

  • The Republic Contractors Safety Guild was launched gathering the country’s top contractors.

  • The Guild is composed of key contractors and aims to unite construction movers and shakers to promote a safety culture in light of the government’s “Build, Build, Build” campaign.

  • The Guild holds fora that serve as a venue for sharing of best practices and learning from safety experts.

Manila, August 7, 2018. The Philippines’ top contractors gathered for the launch of the Republic Contractors Safety Guild at the Menarco Tower in Taguig City.

The Republic Contractors Safety Guild, a group of safety professionals consisting of Republic Cement’s key partners, was founded to promote a safety culture through forums conducted by safety experts and the sharing of best practices. The guild tackles a critical aspect of the business—safety, which is a constant challenge in the construction industry, especially in project sites.

“Safety is everyone’s concern,” said Republic Cement Services, Inc. President Nabil Francis. “We wanted to create a platform where key players in the industry caninteract constructively and share thoughts and best practices.”

Nabil Francis, President of Republic Cement Services Inc., talks about partnering with key industry players to build a safer and stronger Republic.

The forum began with the topic “Safety on Work at Heights: Scaffolding” shared by an expert provider from manufactured scaffolds, Coffral, represented by Engr. Marlon Guerra and Engr. Crisauro Fallar III. The talk covered essential safety requirements for erecting scaffolding as a temporary platform and access in construction works. The session enhanced existing knowledge in Scaffolding compliance to rule 1414 of the Occupational safety and health standards.

The second topic discussed was “Lifting and Rigging Safety” conducted by Engr. Dennis Aquino from Occupational Safety and Health Center, covering safety protocols for lifting and rigging, especially in construction site having complex exposures. Said discussion also introduced a standard and reference to comply with Construction Safety (OSH Rule 1410). 3M, a safety equipment supplier, also joined the forum and discussed proper handling of their products. The forum was made more interactive and productive by the sharing of best practices by the participants, as observed and implemented in their respective projects.

“We are all in the same industry, but the formation of this guild is a testament that there is no competition when it comes to safety,” shares EEI Safety Manager Von Versoza.

The launch event and forum was attended by representatives from Aboitiz Construction Group, D.M. Consunji, DDT Konstract, Inc., EEI, Innobuild, JV Angeles, Makati Development Corp., MDC Concrete, Megawide, Monolith, Sta. Clara, Whiteport Inc., Coffral, OSHC-DOLE and 3M.

“In light of the government’s ’Build, Build, Build’ campaign, it is incumbent upon us to keep our people safe, even as we are building a stronger Republic. At the end of the day, we want everyone to go home safe to their families,” Francis adds.

A second forum will be conducted towards the end of the year.


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