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Republic Cement Teresa Plant Conducts Contractor Safety Forum

To build and sustain a workplace with zero accidents and fatalities, Republic Cement ensures that its safety culture is apparent across all levels of its operations. To further establish this commitment to the safety of not only our employees but also our contractors, a Contractor Safety Forum was held in Teresa plant last October 3, 2023.  


The forum, joined by 95% of our contractors, was done in two sessions: the first was for family contractors (quarry, packhouse, BMH, AF handling, and housekeeping), while the second was for PO-based contractors (maintenance, production, shutdown, etc.).  

With the understanding that safety culture starts from the top management, Republic Cement CEO Roman Menz also led a National Safety Stand Down session.

Some of the topics discussed were transport safety, contractor safety, last-minute risk assessments, Lock Out, Tag Out, and Tag Out (LOTOTO) protocol refreshers, work at heights (WAH), and post-job evaluations.  

Seven of our partner contractors were also recognized for their significant contribution to health and safety, awarded through the Golden Hard Hat program.

Before the program ended, the contractors also made their safety pledge as a show of continued dedication to cultivating their safety performance.

Republic Cement will keep closely collaborating with our partner stakeholders in reinforcing our safety culture as we build a safer, Stronger Republic.


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