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Republic Cement CEO calls on building industry to go green

Key players in the cement manufacturing industry have been called to make the move to green and sustainable operations. Likewise, consumers were urged to choose cement products that are produced in an environmentally sustainable manner, to encourage further greening of the building and manufacturing innovations in the industry.

The call was made by Nabil Francis, President of Republic Cement, during the CEO Forum organized by the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC) during its national convention recently held at Makati Shangri-la.

The 2017 PHILGBC National Convention is the largest gathering of green building leaders, professionals, builders and advocates from all around the Asia Pacific region. Its culminating activity, the CEO Forum, brought together C-level representatives from PHILGBC Corporate Members and industry leaders to discuss various industry updates, exchange ideas and best practices, and formulate programs for the uptake of green buildings and sustainability in the Philippines.

Discussing the third session on the supply side of green building, Francis brought the crowd up to speed with how manufacturers like Republic Cement are supporting the development of green buildings.

Francis shared that cement is a key constituent of concrete, the second most consumed material on the planet following water. Therefore, manufacturers and green business advocates alike are challenged to find more eco-friendly solutions. “Solutions are existing for green cement. As a responsible corporate citizen, Republic Cement continues to look for ways to reduce our environmental footprint by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, increasing carbon sequestration through reforestation efforts, increasing the recycled component in our products, and replacing traditional energy sources with alternative fuels,” Francis adds.

Francis, a well-decorated executive in the field of cement manufacturing, shared that Republic Cement has consciously focused on manufacturing its product as a green developer. The Republic Cement group, a joint venture of Ireland-based CRH and local conglomerate Aboitiz Equity Ventures, services roughly one fourth of the cement needs of the Philippines and has six cement manufacturing plants around the country.


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