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Republic Cement holds first Lifelong Sustainability Conference

Republic Cement officers and directors at the first ever Lifelong Sustainability Conference

To officially launch its unified Lifelong Sustainability Strategy, Republic Cement conducted its first ever Lifelong Sustainability Conference last July 4-5 at Marquis Events Place, BC, Taguig. The conference, attended by top-level management, sustainability directors, and key leaders in sustainability-related roles, provided a platform for discussing our best practices, identifying opportunities for improvement in our activities, and establishing a feasible action plan to continue our sustainable development.

CEO Roman Menz giving the welcome remarks

“Our commitment to lifelong sustainability is rooted in our care not just for the environment but also for our people,” said CEO Roman Menz. “To respect them is to respect the environment they are in. It’s a cycle—a CIRCLE of transformation for long-term stability that the future generations can experience and enjoy.”

Guest speakers from Sustainable PH, Inc. and Haraya Coaching facilitated workshops and learning sessions during the two-day conference. Attendees took this opportunity to think about their own personal sustainability journeys as well as the role they play in Republic's overall sustainability progress.

Workshops and learning sessions were held for the healthy exchange of ideas for our sustainability strategies

As industry leaders, we understand that we have a way to affect change in local governance. Our sustainable initiatives can impact the environmental, social, and economic aspects of our communities. With this kind of responsibility, it is ever more important to ensure that our sustainable strategies are aligned, efficient, and effective/

Our Sustainability Superstars discuss our three pillars of People, Planet, and Future

“We want not only a greener environment but also a nation with greater inclusion and social equity—a nation that supports more sustainable urban development,” said RCBM President Lloyd Vicente. “Through innovative solutions that bridge the gaps in our operations, we can further expand our green initiatives to the socioeconomic dimension and help enrich our communities in a way that meets their local conditions.”

Our officers had in-depth discussions about our best practices and action plans going forward in our sustainability journey

Through more capacity-building activities such as this conference, Republic Cement will continue to learn, adapt, and innovate as we remain on our path of Lifelong Sustainability towards building a greener, Stronger Republic.


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