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Republic Cement Hosts Closed Loop Coastal Clean Up for Summer Synergy

Republic Cement volunteers for the Closed Loop Clean Up in Batangas

Last May 5, Republic Cement partnered with Pure Oceans for a Closed Loop Clean Up. A Closed Loop Clean Up aims to collect ocean trash and delivered to a clearly-defined endpoint to ensure they don’t leak back to the environment.

Republic Cement volunteers braved the summer heat to clean up the coastal area

The volunteers were divided into two groups and competed to collect more amount of marine litter

A total of 123 volunteers from the Republic Cement Head Office joined the activity at Sea Spring Resort, Mabini, Batangas. A total of 477.52kg of marine litter was collected in one hour and segregated so that qualified waste can be delivered for co-processing. Through ecoloop, the qualified marine waste is used as alternative fuel. This effectively ends its lifecycle, closing the loop and eliminating any further negative effects on marine ecosystems.

Clean-up initiatives are held throughout the year as part of our commitment to build a greener, stronger Republic

“This activity is an opportunity to make our values come true today,” said VP for Human Resources Ginny Gonzalez. “Standing by the value of lifelong sustainability, Republic Cement understands our role in preserving and protecting the environment.”

Lifelong sustainability is embedded throughout our value chain, all the way from top management to ops levels

By participating in initiatives such as Closed Loop Clean Up, we remain true to our commitment to building a greener, stronger Republic.


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