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Sulong Pa Minuyan: Paying It Forward

Sulong Pa Minuyan Credit Cooperative (Sulong Pa Minuyan) is a livelihood program established by our Bulacan Plant’s Social Development Management Program (SDMP) in 2014. It is now a self-sufficient and self-reliant cooperative with 200 members from 22 members at the beginning. Thankful for the opportunity provided by Republic Cement & Building Materials, Inc., the cooperative sponsored 30 trainees for NC II certification training for call center agents. 10 of the 30 trainees have now been employed. Continuing this, they are planning to conduct their second training session that will be about computer basics. Just last month, they celebrated the National Women’s Month by hosting a Zumba session.

Sulong Pa Minuyan has become a very vibrant cooperative, with members actively looking for ways to help their community. It has proven that they exist not only to do business but to pay it forward to provide livelihood for their neighbors as well.


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